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When not competing or engaing in big projects, I do offer a limited amount of private lessons and clinics to individuals and small groups, who want to improve their skills, while also having a great time on the water.


Based on over 15 years of experience with SUP, I have found that I can put my experience to good use in helping friends and clients take their game to the next level!


Below, you can learn more about the types of coaching I offer. If you have any questions or want to book a session please contact me.

EZ_15-12-20_Casper Steinfath - Nordjylla

hydro foiling

In case you were wondering; I am totally hooked on foiling!! Foiling has opened up so many additional epic days of playing on the water for me. Now let's get you started! 


I can either help you learn how to fly for the first time, or help you push yourself to the next level. 


It is possible to either take the foil out in waves, or work on techincal skills behind my boat.


All levels are welcome!


Downwind paddling is a true adventure! Its all about relying on the wind to go from point A to point B in a super fun and adventurous way!


We either cross bays or inland fjords, but always have the wind at our backs.


Whether you are new to downwinds or have experience, we will work on technical and strategic skills for you

Contact me if you have any questions or booking inquiries


Coaching technical SUP skills is really exciting for me, and is what I have been working on myself, for my entire career.


All levels are welcome here, from beginner to pro!


We can work on various technical skills, or on paddling in various conditions, such as oceans, rivers, or flat water.

Sup surf

Not much beats playing around on a SUP in the waves! 


Improve your level of sup surfing, or take the step from flatwater paddling to sup surf and maximize the fun. 


Among many things, I can help you master the basics of understanding the surf lineup, effectively catching waves and visualising where you want to go on a wave.


Whether it is your maiden voyage in the surf or you want to chase that smooth roundhouse cutback, I'll help you get there.

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