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Team Building

single day Event

Get your team out of the office, and spend a day with me on the water! 


The goal is to bring your team closer together, through exposure to new, fun, and challenging activitites, where team communication, trust, and teamwork are all part of the experience. 

Based on water and weather conditions, as well as your preferences, this day can include


flat-water stand up paddling

mountain biking


and more 

Although the day can be shaped to fit your needs, I recommend meeting in the early hours of the day, to start the first activity of the day. Then the team will get a few hours to rest and have lunch, before we embark on an afternoon activity. Usually, I plan for one water activity, and one land activity. 

Throughout this day, various team building activities will be built into the activities themselves. 


24 hours in thy

'24 hours in Thy' is a special type of team-building adventure, where I take you and your team on a full 24-hour 'survival mission', in Thy National Park - one of Denmark's oldest national parks!

The goal is two-fold


  1. To strengthen team dynamics through shared challenges and cooperation in the wild elements

  2. To drive individual growth by exposure to (and pushing of) personal boundaries. By pushing individual boundaries together, this can bring the team closer together.

During these 24 hours, you will likely be exposed to:

SUP water-challenges 

trail Mountain Biking 

Shelter Camping ​

Challenging team building activities in the wild

& much more...


For questions and booking inquiries, please contact me

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