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from water phobia to world champion

This talk centers around my life in general, and on the journey from a water-phobic kid growing up my the wild west coast of Denmark, to becoming a 6-time world champion. Through stories and events from my own life, I touch on the following themes: 

  • Fear - How do I turn fear and axiety into a good thing?

  • Life in the "Rotten Banana" - How did growning up in this fringe part of Denmark shape me in a positive way?

  • Dreams - Why it is important to couragiously go toward your dreams

  • Failure - Why I think failure is the most important step to growing and learning.

  • Team - Why I am an individual athlete, but still a team player?

  • Deep Play - Why we must never forget to play in life

  • The Ego - Is it necesarrily that bad a thing?

  • The Value of Adventure - Why I believe we all need adventure in our lives

Based on your organization and age group of the audience, the talk will be tailor made to fit with the audience, to make it as interesting and relevant as possible. I have given various versions of this talk to both corporations and at schools, and have found it to be a great succes.


The talk is generally one hour long, followed by a 30-minute Q & A.


Please contact me with questions or booking inquiries 

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